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Druydès was born in 2017 from the meeting of 2 women with a common desire:

Create a French and independent brand of solid cosmetics for people with allergies.

On the strength of their values and knowledge , they pooled their know-how and chose to create their formulation and manufacturing laboratory.

Free, they can finally develop in full consciousness ethical and meaningful cosmetics!

"Remember, in the past, plants and nature played a major role in the daily life of our ancestors, they knew how to listen to it and respect it. Everything is there, in front of us, nature extends its arms to us, let's listen- there and let's combine the best species so that they turn out to be allies! "

Anne-Gaëlle Halter

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Use in full awareness what nature offers us.
Create 100% natural solid shampoos free from unnecessary additions.
No sulfates, no perfumes, no dyes ...
Principle that we apply to each of our product creations!

In 2021, 2/3 of our products are labeled Cosmos Organic / natural.



In 2017, our solid shampoo was then packaged in
a box of seeded paper. Pioneers, we received an award for this innovative packaging, thus beating out major brands of classic cosmetics. But that was only the first step in our desire to reduce bathroom waste.
Since 2019, we have been offering boxes of upcycled plant or fruit residues.

Sort it, compost it!



Less is more!

Adage that we apply to our clean formulation.
No more than 10 ingredients each time with total transparency on the origin of our raw materials. They are all organic, vegan, Fairtrade and fair trade, French to the maximum. If they are not, we make sure to supply them once a year, in order to minimize the carbon footprint of the shipments.

It is also a desire for us to work with global producers in order to participate intelligently in the sharing of resources for a more equal world.

But what is the point of offering a 100% natural product if the container is not up to its content?

You too become a player in this great movement that is zero waste.

Each product, each raw material, each packaging is the result of our reflection in order to offer you healthy solid cosmetics that take care of your body while respecting it.

In Gratia Herbarum

For the love of plants