We manufacture our cosmetics ourselves in our workshop in Wattrelos, in the North of France.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

We do our best every day to limit our environmental impact.

Our workshop is eco-designed and certified High Environmental Quality. We collect rainwater, we heat with geothermal energy, the walls are made of wood cladding, and the electricity comes from the solar panels on our roof.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

We manufacture our products transparently according to demanding health and environmental constraints.

The Endro project was born out of a desire to find effective and healthy cosmetic products. It is essential to say goodbye to plastic and unnecessary ingredients in formulas!

Marion , the adventurous Breton, architect by training, has always loved to create , imagine and manufacture! Not being a big consumer of cosmetics, she simply wanted transparency !

Like all of us, she did not have enough time and not necessarily the desire to decipher all compo products being proposed for purchase ... all that to realize in the end that marketing promises do not hold ...

Boris , his companion, also Breton, he wants to act for the health and environment side ! After discovering the extent of plastic pollution in Asia ... he was ready to take on any challenge as long as it made sense


Because Endro means " environment " in Breton, we want to offer alternatives to plastic packaging , in order to reduce the problem at the source!

Concretely, for each product of our ranges purchased, we clean a square meter of beach by organizing collection events (rather in summer).


This commitment is of course obvious! We make cosmetic products with natural, short and understandable formulas, by selecting only quality ingredients, neither more nor less than what is needed! 


All our products are manufactured in our laboratory in Brittany in Lannion (22) by our team! We are committed to master the manufacture of our products and wish to promote "local" and the French know-how, working with companies close to home as ESAT Lannion and creating jobs.

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Endro is two Bretons, a short recipe, eco-designed packaging and easy use. In this way, we want to show that reasoned consumption based on trust is possible.


We are committed to selecting the best raw materials for our ranges.

Even if we do our best, we are still far from perfection ... All our raw materials do not yet come from France, but we keep the hope that one day they will be.

So for the moment we are getting supplies in the producing or originating countries, for the materials which are necessary, not substitutable and impossible to find in France. For those which do not exist in organic (or at exorbitant prices) or those which are not yet marketed for lack of volumes.

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