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Here, I am sharing with you my favourites for different producers, practitioners, colleagues...

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Les feuilles tropicales 7
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Maman Happy

I met Ingrid thanks to YouTube and the Konmari method, I immediately became a fan of this little woman full of energy and full of good, smart ideas for a well-organized and tidy interior.

I follow her on all the networks and then I join the Konmari France group on Facebook, Ingrid was moderator there at the time.

One day I took my courage in both hands and I went to send her a message, she answered me directly! What joy !! #sparkjoy

We got on really well, and we wrote to each other almost every day for long hours, on the subject of storage and many others... This is how we became very good friends, without even having met in real life! #lesJoiesdInternet

Since then, she has come a long way, after establishing herself as the French Marie Kondo, she created her own training around the Happy Life in connection with her Insta account where she provides free, fun, authentic content and more. inspiring: we really want to do everything the same as her!!


Ingrid is now more inspiring than ever and her new training goes far beyond storage and organization! It is with great expertise and passion that she offers powerful exclusive content as well as complete support and valuable advice to directly transform your daily life.

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Plumeria Fleur
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La Famille Autrement

Accompanying and inspiring parenting - Live the family differently

I met Eva thanks to Ingrid (above), they have been friends for a very long time and they live not far from each other.

In a few messages, we got hooked too! We share the same values and I really like her universe and her energy, which she transmits brilliantly!

Passionate about well-being, with 15 years of experience as a childminder, attentive to children and adults, she is unfailingly caring.

Following the birth of her daughter, she suffered a burnout, which turned everything upside down, calling into question her vision of parenthood. That's when she learns, trains, surrounds herself to get out of it, and... she succeeds!! 

Thirsty for a life richer in meaning, she thinks of reconverting herself, but everything is already there before her eyes, she then undertakes in the field of family coaching in order to allow families to move at their own pace towards authentic and liberated parenthood. injunctions.

She firmly believes (and she is right) that children are the adults of tomorrow, that our duty is to support them as best we can so that they in turn contribute to a better world.

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And lots of others yet to come...

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