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Let me introduce myself

Welcome here everyone,

Hi guys, I wanted to introduce myself to those that don't know me...

I used to work in Luxembourg in business & marketing field for many years... I always felt like something was wrong because I was working to achieve someone else's dream and that I had to put mine aside. Not really knowing where I was going also...

Something deep inside of me was sad... I always wanted more and different... But what?

After having done an introspection and a sharp analyse of my dreams and my past I realized what was really important to me: being free and useful!! Being my own boss has always been somewhere in a corner of my head...

But a huge contradiction is disrupting me: I love luxury and nature!!

Moreover the constant need to make everything perfect made me miss lots of opportunities to launch my own business.

That being said, I created my company 5 years ago for video and marketing services, but this isn't what makes my heart smile every morning when I wake up and made me feel really useful. You know what I mean?

I needed to be me, the real me, with my true values and irresistible desire to spread goodwill and joy around me. Hence I decided to combine my love for luxury (high quality products and services) and nature to create a recognizable brand. Halternatives was born.

Now I get to use my values, knowledge and ideas to help every conscious soul to consume in a more sustainable way #lessbutbetter

It makes me so happy to source and select the best for you and for the planet, so you can feel good about your choices, I feel so blessed!

Let's live together this unique experience that fills us up with joy...

Angie 😊

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