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Less but Better

Because more and more of us want things to change...

Hello and welcome to Halternatives !


My name is Anne-Gaëlle, and I fell in the "organic" magic potion as a kid, thanks to my mom who wanted nothing but the best of the best for me.

Entrepreneuse at heart and passionate about the world of well-being, luxury and minimalism, the time had more than come for me to embark on my own journey!

My goal here with Halternatives, through the eco-responsible and engaged e-shop, is to promote on one hand high quality, organic and natural products, presenting all the features to become the best alternatives to the products consumed (still too often) in a "conventional" way; on the other hand highlight the authenticity of local actors and know-how.

A conscious selection

It is with the utmost care and attention that I select the products and objects as well as the producers and suppliers I work with.

More clarity = More responsibility

Yes, you have the right to know what you are buying: to know the producers or suppliers, the places of production, the composition of the products, what the benefits are, the durability, etc.  

I put forward, as much as possible, local actors and fair trade channels in order to bring you as much transparency as possible and the necessary clarity so that you can enjoy yourselves with your eyes closed.

Yes, it's possible! 

I know that change is on our doorstep. Together we can become the actors of change (that we want to see in this world) towards the best for all.

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