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Un vendeur remettant un sac à un acheteur


Your catchment area is changing, and so are you!


Times change, and so do the needs and desires of your customers. 

It's a big problem for some, but you can be part of the solution!


By refusing to sell mainstream products that are tasteless or, on the contrary, overly sweet, full of chemicals or flavourings, from greenwashing multinationals that continue to pollute the planet while enriching huge shareholders. These products are worthless and cost us far too much (in terms of human and environmental health).

People who are aware of this want to get back to simple, healthy and authentic things!

Invest your money in the right place by supporting small producers who work in sustainable agriculture, supporting a local, fair and non-polluting economy - and be proud of it!

It's you who, through your in-store range, encourages consumers to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.


You're passionate about what you sell and you know exactly where your products come from, how they're made, and so on.

I know my producers too, I know who I'm working with, and I'm sharing that with you.

Stay true to your values, and enhance your range with more premium, local products made from ingredients that haven't travelled any further than we have.


The customers who come through your door are looking for products they can't find elsewhere. 

They also come to seek your advice and benefit from your expertise.

They need that unique shopping experience that they won't get anywhere else.

By offering them exceptional products, you're sure to satisfy this need.

Image de Clay Banks

An exclusive range of products

You won't find the products I offer you, dear reseller, via any other wholesaler or importer in Luxembourg.

Follow the hummingbird to an excellent offer on your shelves!



Tonic is no longer just a fizzy, bitter, sweet drink used to make spirits longer. Many people like to drink it straight, as a soda, as an alternative to all the others we know so well.

All these famous soft drinks are packed with unhealthy sugars (aspartam, acesulfam...) and/or calories (refined white sugar), flavourings and have no nutritional value whatsoever.

If you don't want to drink alcohol, if you want a change from plain or sparkling water, you might as well drink something tasty and healthy. Wouldn't you agree?

At least, that's what demanding customers might think (without letting you know, good manners be damned!) and would like to see on your menu.

In France, some people have decided that tonic should be a SODA DE DÉGUSTATION !

The company in question is Archibald, based in Bordeaux, which has been producing organic tonics for several years in a former distillery.

It's a great way to get back to your roots, because everything is produced in an artisanal and eco-responsible way!

They're super committed to the environment and are B Corp certified!

They have their own patches of juniper berries (one of the main ingredients in their tonic recipe), packaged in glass bottles and then in FSC cardboard boxes printed with non-polluting vegetable inks.

The result will delight even the most demanding palates!

I invite you to discover it in pictures, below, without further delay:


Pour votre plus grand bonheur je découvre de nouvelles distilleries françaises (pour le moment).

La première qui m'a convaincue de par la qualité exceptionnelle de ses créations a été La Distillerie Du Grand Nez, basée dans le Lot-et-Garonne.


Premièrement, car c'est une femme qui est à la tête de cette distillerie.

Anne-Hélène Vialaneix, agronome et oenologue de formation, a fait le pari fou de créer du gin au pays de l'Armagnac. C'est un pari gagné haut la main, car dès les deux premiers gins sortis en 2019, elle reçut déjà des médailles sur des concours de renommée internationale.

Deuxièmement, elle travaille avec une grande majorité de produits locaux et fait vivre les filières et les métiers de sa région. Tout est réalisé artisanalement dans une optique durable, avec des produits purs, et des processus éco-responsables.

Hormis un savoir-faire hors-pair et du coeur à l'ouvrage, rien n'est ajouté.

Ensuite j'ai découvert la Distillerie Archibald pour ses tonics d'exception, sodas de dégustation aux distillats de plantes françaises. Quelques temps plus tard, cette distillerie s'est mise à faire son propre Gin.

Une création merveilleuse !

Un véritable retour à l'essentiel, avec seulement 3 botaniques bio et locales, cueillies à la main en Auvergne, exprimant une terre d'un seul tenant, une seule et même "Parcelle".

Parcelle est un Gin artisanal simple et efficace dont vous n'êtes pas prêts de vous lasser.

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