Pre-order yoga equipment

Pre-order Yoga material

  Note :

  • Yoga mats can be collected from Tami or from Halternatives (in Waldbredimus in Luxembourg)

  • Select the delivery method "Personal delivery" and specify in the comments (before validating your basket) whether you wish to collect it from Tami or Halternatives, we will then contact you to set the date and time for the delivery in person.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Please Note :

  • The yoga mats will need to be picked-up at Tami's or Halternatives' (in Waldbredimus, Luxembourg).

  • Please select delivery mode "Hand delivery" and specify in the comment box (before checking out your basket) if you prefer to pick-up at Tami's or Halternatives', then we will contact you to determine together the delivery date.